Sunday, February 21, 2010

Curling & the Cutie

I am addicted to Olympic Curling. Mens, naturally. I have an Olympic size crush on the team captain Shuster. I seriously could watch him all day. He is ridiculously cute. Swoon! I really have no idea what the rules are or how the game is played. I rely completely on the commentators to tell me if something good or bad happened. I have no time to learn the ways of the game. I am much too busy oggling Shuster. Frequent words from my mouth "Show more Shuster." "Don't show him, show Shuster"
I love the fact that they are miced so we can hear them. I could listen to him talk all day. My sis & bro in law tease me when he yells "Hard." You can get the just of what they say I am sure. I am totally and completely smitten with Shuster. And might I add, I did NOT watch the game Shuster didn't play in. I mean really, what would be the point?

The older man

I met an older man. Online, naturally. I was not terribly excited to meet him. He is 10 years older then me after all. 10 years. Typed it again in case you thought it was a typo... on Thursday night when he texted me while I lounged on the couch enjoying the Olympics in my PJ's. He asked me if I wanted to meet at some bar I have never even heard of. It has the same name as my oldest nephew. He is an awesome kid; Certainly that must be a good sign. That was the persuading factor to get my butt off the couch and put on some make up and clothes as well. As much as I would have loved to go in my PJ's.

I of course arrived late. But that is the story of my life. I really don't intend to be rude. I just really have no concept of time.... Anyway, I walked in to the bar and looked around for someone I don't even know. Which I really hate. What if I approach the wrong person. I mean really. It is nerve racking. But luckily he spotted me pretty quickly. And he was cute! Broad shouldered and everything. There was chemistry right away. Which totally threw me for a loop. I was seriously not expecting to like this guy. At all. And I liked him. A lot. We talked. We laughed. We flirted. He was obviously smitten & gave me loads of compliments. Which is the way to any Leos heart.

It was Karaoke night at this particular bar. Which is always good fun. He was a very good sport about me signing him up for song after song. Which was just awesome in my book. We even sang a couple duets. Awful duets because 1) I can't sing. 2) He didn't know the songs I picked so he was totally off. But it was fun! A lot of fun!

After all those shenanigans. Don't you just love that word? I mean really! Anyway... He walked me out to my car after we closed the bar down, naturally. He was nervous. It was cute. So he was trying to get up the nerve to kiss me and I just went for it. Because really who can wait on nervous men to make a move? They were lovely sweet kisses that made my stomach do a flip. And don't you just love that?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nand the Docter Man

I do the Internet dating thing. With not much real success. There has been one guy in particular that has been rather persistent.

He is a Dr. A Child psychiatrist to be precise. Which scares the hell out of me. I am really not interested in being psychoanalyzed. I know I am a bit crazy, but I like it that way. I embrace my craziness!

Anyway, he is very cute but lives in Houston. I mean really, are there no women in Houston? Well, I gave him my phone number to text, which I like to do till I get more of a feel for someone. Well, he wanted to talk right away. I in turn panicked. (Which I tend to do but only in certain circumstances.... like lying. I am a terrible liar. I don't have it in me.) What if I have nothing to say to this guy. So, I never answered and always texted him that I was busy. Figured he kinda would lose interest. He lives in Houston after all.

But, I just got a text from him. He is in Boston but will be back in Texas tomorrow and wants to meet up soon. What is a girl to do? He just sent me a nice forthright text. I am such a sucker for forthrightness. May be why I like Sagittarius's' Now those are some forthright people... OK I am getting off topic here. So, basically he is looking for someone to have a serious meaningful relationship with. Someone with brains & a good personality. I have those things. Thanks for noticing. But I am apprehensive because he has never met me.

Ugg, this post turned in to me babbling because there is no one up at this time to talk to about this dilemma. Although, is it really a dilemma?

What Happens to the People Who Never Fall in Love?

There is a line in the movie Sunshine Cleaning that just gave me an aha moment. I am not sure the exact wording. It goes something like this: "I can get men to want me. I just can't get them to want to be with me." I was like OMG is that me too? And it made me sad. So, now I can't stop thinking about it.... and well, it makes me even sadder and then I think about getting older and older and I get sadder and sadder. And this blog is depressing me... time to buy some cats. Or in my case rats... *sigh*

But seriously, usually the 2nd thing men ask me when they meet me after they ask me how tall I am. Do you have a boyfriend/husband? Why not? I really need to come up with witty responses to this question. Mostly I just stand there dumbfounded and half the time start thinking of things wrong with me rather then taking it as a compliment. As well I should :)

BTW if you haven't seen that movie... well, you should! It is wonderful.

Do I Really Look That Lonely?

First off, my daughter has the TV viewing taste of a 30 year old. She loves watching shows like Project Runway, Dancing with the Stars, Lie to Me, Ugly Betty and American Idol.
One of her favorite kids shows is Full House, which was made before she was even born. Which convinces me even more that she is an old soul. I so adore my little angel. Isn't being a mom just the best?
Anyway, we were watching one of our new favorites Millionaire Matchmaker (we don't watch much TV btw) and she asked me why it was called Millionaire Matchmaker and I explained to her that the people Patti finds dates for are millionaires. She then asked "What about normal people like you? You need her to find someone for you, momma."
"I do?"
"Yes, momma you are lonely. I can tell."
"How can you tell?"
"Mom, you say you have imaginary boyfriends."
I do say that but it is to be funny. Like if I have laundry that needs to be folded on my bed and am too lazy to do it I just push it to the other side of my bed and proclaim it to be my boyfriend Laundry!

(Just so we are clear I don't really think I have imaginary boyfriends. In case you didn't get it. If you don't know me in RL it is kinda hard to understand my quirkiness)