Sunday, February 21, 2010

Curling & the Cutie

I am addicted to Olympic Curling. Mens, naturally. I have an Olympic size crush on the team captain Shuster. I seriously could watch him all day. He is ridiculously cute. Swoon! I really have no idea what the rules are or how the game is played. I rely completely on the commentators to tell me if something good or bad happened. I have no time to learn the ways of the game. I am much too busy oggling Shuster. Frequent words from my mouth "Show more Shuster." "Don't show him, show Shuster"
I love the fact that they are miced so we can hear them. I could listen to him talk all day. My sis & bro in law tease me when he yells "Hard." You can get the just of what they say I am sure. I am totally and completely smitten with Shuster. And might I add, I did NOT watch the game Shuster didn't play in. I mean really, what would be the point?