Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Clueless Jerks

So, I have been seeing the Older guy for quite some time now. Well, when I saw him last Monday I invited him to go to a bar to see a concert with me and some of my friends. He enthusiastically agreed. Saturday rolls around and I call him in the afternoon and get a text response asking about what the plans are. He tells me he will come to the bar but wont be able to make dinner. No biggy I didn't tell him about the dinner until just then. So as evening rolls around I text him & let him know he is welcome to bring one of his male friends. No response. 10pm rolls around and I text him again asking him if he is going to come to the bar. No response. So, at that point my whole attitude is "screw him!" So, I had a fabulous evening with my friends and even meet a tall, handsome man that I had a great time with. Tall & blue eyed yum! .... and not 10 years older then me. Just sayin'

So, Sunday the older man finally contacts me. He sends me this lovely text "Hey did you want some of me" ugg! really?? wtf is wrong with you? I didn't respond.

So, today I get another text from the clueless idiot "What the heck is going on?" I so want to tell him off but don't want to give him the satisfaction that I even give a crap. So several hours later I respond with "What's up" which he responds with "Partied way too hard this weekend. Still kinda hurting." Can he be more of a jerk???? So, I just told him I had a fabulous weekend. Which I did, despite him!

Seriously, can men be more clueless? I am still convinced all the good men are already taken...