Saturday, March 20, 2010

Worried about my big sis

My oldest sister is pregnant with her 7th baby. Her 5th sweet little girl. She started having debilitating headaches a couple weeks ago with blurred vision and spots. They checked the protein in her urine & blood pressure etc. All normal, ruling out pre-eclampsia. So, she insisted on a Neurology consult.

**Her hubby is in the Air Force and medical care is not very good. You have to be pretty pro-active. I know this from experience. I am thankful my military doctor went on leave while I was under his care. He very nearly killed me. His replacement was much more competent and realized my kidneys were failing. The normal protein level for a 24-hour urine collection is less than 150 milligrams per day. The first test the idiot Dr. ordered was in the 600's and he decided that was a mistake so he ordered it again. 2nd test was in the 800's and he. did. nothing. I also had extreme polyuria which is another indication of renal failure. He didn't even put the results in the right location for his replacement to find them. The 2nd Dr. only looked for them after I told him I already did the 24-hour urine test he was going to have me do again.**

Anyway, back to my sister. The neurologist found increased intercranial pressure and papilledema due to a brain tumor/clot or intercranial hypertension. He ordered an MRI be done immediately but she was unable to endure it due to the the noise from the MRI machine making her headache completly unbearable. So, yesterday they gave her Valium and they were able to get the MRI done. Still, waiting on the results.... best case scenario: intercranial hypertension. She will have to get spinal taps to remove excess fluid. 10% go blind. Preparing for the worst & hoping for the best. Even if the best isn't that great...