Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sometimes, you just have to blog about it....

Evidently, I am an idiot. Didn't realize I gave off that vibe... I really can't stop laughing at the player I have in my life right now. So, I have been dating a guy for well over a month now. I adored him. And don't you just hate it when they turn out to be major player douche bag asshats? I mean really! He has been very evasive and not texting me etc. So, I read his comment on his Facebook status today responding to something someone asked him. "Oh she was not feeling well we didn't got out, saw her for a bit though,how are u?"...Need I mention he was not talking about me. So, I say to him today via text "I don't know why you even bothered." So, I was basically asking him why he even bothered dragging me through all this nonsense? Why bother driving 45 miles each way to see me? Why bother keeping communicating with me? Why? There is nobody closer to you you can play?? You might save some gas money. Although distance is a great benefit to a player. He knows I wont just "stop by." Anyway, his 1st response "with what? everything is cool" This sent me into hysterics. Evidently he doesn't get it. So, I responded "yep" and then he said "Bothered with what baby? is that your way of telling me you miss me?" I am still laughing as I type this. Seriously? OK I will play your silly game. May as well have a little fun with him. After all, he deserves it.