Wednesday, November 3, 2010

5 months, really?!?

Well, it has been 5 months since I blogged. Now isn't that just crazy? A few things have changed in 5 months. Some for the not so great, others for the oh so fantastically wonderful. So, which would you like to hear first? Good news then? I am madly in love! Really, I am! Not sure how it happened to tell you the truth. And he is wonderful and sweet. The best part, he absolutely adores me! So, I went and looked back at my previous blogs to see if I actually blogged about him. I did indeed, back in January. Now I get to see those amazing smiles all the time! More on him later. The not so great thing: I quit my job, what was I thinking. It was totally unbearable and the drive alone was ridiculous. And then having to deal with my psychotic boss was just enough to push me to quit. I was at my previous job for 10 years so I don't take quitting lightly. So, for the time being, as I job search, I am gainfully employed in retail, just in time to endure the holiday shoppers, oh yay