Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why Do I Do It?

I met a man on the 3rd of January. Why do I remember this date? Because the Cowboys beat the Eagles on this particular day and I happened to be at Sherlock's which is right next to Cowboys Stadium. And I am just that girl that remembers significant dates based on football games. Alas, what will I do when football season comes to an end?

This particular man is, well, ridiculously handsome. I was smitten the second I laid eyes on him. Tall, broad shouldered, dark blond, arms full of tattoos if you find that sort of thing handsome which I do, cutest smile he was smiling right at me and to top the cupcake that he was he had on..... a Witten jersey. Swoon! And what was I wearing? a Vikings t-shirt... it was Sunday... just sayin'. Well, I am ever so glad it was Sunday because that Vikings shirt was his conversation starter. What better way to start a conversation with me then to talk about football. We mostly talked about football and smiled at each other. What can I say? I was smitten. Which pretty much renders me not too adept at carrying on interesting conversations. He asked for my number as they were leaving and he called me on his way home and sent me a sweet text with a pic of him in Cowboys Stadium. My thinking: he is totally into me! Which of course I was over the moon about. I mean really!

Well, we texted back in forth a few times. Mostly me starting them. That is as much as I will give really. Men have to do the pursuing. That rule I DO follow. I had kind of written him off as disinterested or what ever ridiculous scenario that came to mind. Well, low and behold 2 weeks after our chance meeting I get a text from him congratulating me on my team CRUSHING his team. Yes, I said crushing, because really they didn't stand a chance. It was beautiful! Anyway.... he asked me if I would like to meet him & his friends at a bar in the stockyards. Seriously tried not to sound too eager. Thank goodness it was via text. Whew, I ran around getting ready and went on my way to meet him. Not sure if it was the best idea to agree to it. But, I had no doubts at the time. I saw him as I waited in line to get in the bar. He was even cuter then I remembered. And just like our first meeting he smiled more smiles just for me and I melted. Ahh, how I am a sucker for his cute smile. Dimples and all...