Monday, December 14, 2009

'Tis the Season to Not Be Single

As I have mentioned in previous posts I am a proud member of an online dating site. And by proud I mean "Where else am I going to meet men?" Well, I get a couple winks a day at most. Well, this weekend I got almost 50. What?? Seriously! I guess Christmas time is a good time to be on the prowl for a man because they sure are looking. I don't have the time or patience to deal with it all. Ugg!

Well, some of them are not even remotely feasible prospects. Almost laughable. Mean I know. but "Country Boy Looking for His Country Girl" Hahaha you have the wrong girl my friend. Oh and you are 5'7"? I have nothing against the vertically challenged, I just don't want to be made to feel bigger then I already do.

I got 2 winks from the same guy. I am not sure if he forgot he winked at me or if he really likes me that much. And let me tell why I am not interested in him. He is a muscle head. I can't even begin to understand that level of narcasicm.

And then there are the ones that don't care about anything about their possible match except body type. And of course it is Slim & slender or Athletic & toned. And then they wink at me. No thanks! I can't understand that level of shallowness. It is fine to know what you want; but if the only thing you know you want is a skinny chic. No thanks! Ugg!

On another note, most of the men I have met online that I am even remotely interested in just don't have the follow through to actually meet up. So, I have the attitude of: What Evs! lol