Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Guess What Day It Is?!?

It is contact ME day! Seriously, I accomplished nothing except multi-texting & multi-facebook chatting. It was daunting. I can't believe I pulled it all off without sending an embarrassing mistext.

Mr. TMI contacted me today. Well, I contacted him first on Sunday where I ran into some 49ers fans and then a guy by the same name as him. Figured it was some sort of sign. So, we actually talked on the phone today and it was a great conversation, as it always is. He asked me to do something on Friday night. But, I have to work and then he flys out to Californai for the week. Man this guy travels a lot.

This is turning into a lame blog. I am at a loss for things to blog about. I have been busy writing away for the National Novel Writing Challange so I guess my mind has downloaded enough info for the day. (btw: join me in the quest to write a novel in a month!)