Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nand the Docter Man

I do the Internet dating thing. With not much real success. There has been one guy in particular that has been rather persistent.

He is a Dr. A Child psychiatrist to be precise. Which scares the hell out of me. I am really not interested in being psychoanalyzed. I know I am a bit crazy, but I like it that way. I embrace my craziness!

Anyway, he is very cute but lives in Houston. I mean really, are there no women in Houston? Well, I gave him my phone number to text, which I like to do till I get more of a feel for someone. Well, he wanted to talk right away. I in turn panicked. (Which I tend to do but only in certain circumstances.... like lying. I am a terrible liar. I don't have it in me.) What if I have nothing to say to this guy. So, I never answered and always texted him that I was busy. Figured he kinda would lose interest. He lives in Houston after all.

But, I just got a text from him. He is in Boston but will be back in Texas tomorrow and wants to meet up soon. What is a girl to do? He just sent me a nice forthright text. I am such a sucker for forthrightness. May be why I like Sagittarius's' Now those are some forthright people... OK I am getting off topic here. So, basically he is looking for someone to have a serious meaningful relationship with. Someone with brains & a good personality. I have those things. Thanks for noticing. But I am apprehensive because he has never met me.

Ugg, this post turned in to me babbling because there is no one up at this time to talk to about this dilemma. Although, is it really a dilemma?