Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What Happens to the People Who Never Fall in Love?

There is a line in the movie Sunshine Cleaning that just gave me an aha moment. I am not sure the exact wording. It goes something like this: "I can get men to want me. I just can't get them to want to be with me." I was like OMG is that me too? And it made me sad. So, now I can't stop thinking about it.... and well, it makes me even sadder and then I think about getting older and older and I get sadder and sadder. And this blog is depressing me... time to buy some cats. Or in my case rats... *sigh*

But seriously, usually the 2nd thing men ask me when they meet me after they ask me how tall I am. Do you have a boyfriend/husband? Why not? I really need to come up with witty responses to this question. Mostly I just stand there dumbfounded and half the time start thinking of things wrong with me rather then taking it as a compliment. As well I should :)

BTW if you haven't seen that movie... well, you should! It is wonderful.