Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Can I rent a man?

It was one of those weekends I wished I had a man. Not for sweet conventional reasons like companionship or making love ( I wanted to say sex, but that didn't sound very sweet) or a hot date. I don't know, that's all I got. Maybe I need a boyfriend to remember all the stuff they are good for. Anyway, I got a flat tire & my blinkers work only every so often. Alas, I had to take care of those things myself. So, needless to say, I used fix a flat. And well, sadly I still haven't remedied the whole blinker situation except to practice my innocent speech to the possible cop pulling me over for lack of turn signal usage in the hopes he/she wont give me a ticket.

Jesse James can come change my tire & fix my blinkers... pretty please :)
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