Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You're doing what?!? at work?!?

So, I texted Mr. TMI yesterday while he was at work to see how he was doing. He said "Guess what I'm doing." My response of course is "Working" because he works a lot! I was a bit taken aback with his response "I am working but I am watching porn too." So, the automatic question I ask is "At work??" His response "Yep. I have my personal computer. Don't be jealous." What?!? why in the world would I be jealous?? And why the heck would you tell me that is what you are doing? Buddy, that may be a sign you work too much. I'm just saying. Multi-tasking is great and all but I think he took it a little too far. So, my response to him "Umm I assure you I am not. Work is one place I don't ever want to watch porn. You're so silly." His response. "Um OK then. Well with that comment I think I am going to have to say have a wonderful evening!" What?!? I didn't even say what I wanted to say! And what he deserved to hear. I totally held back! and now I haven't heard from him since. Which is hysterical really. Guess I am getting the big blow-off by "weird guy that watches porn & jerks-off at work." Sure saves me a lot of trouble.... Thanks!