Monday, October 19, 2009

Is that a 5 O'clock Shadow... on your arm?

I am quite perplexed when I meet a guy that shaves his body hair. I can understand the swimmers & body builders (although, I honestly really don't understand that level of narcissism.) I am fine with just trimming the nether regions; I quite appreciate it really. But shaving it bald? No thanks! And then we will go to chest hair. I like chest hair. Wait, I love chest hair! You are a man for crying out loud. You're supposed to have chest hair! It's sexy! (Although I will say I don't like a lot of chest hair. Sweater vest? No thanks!) And don't even get me started on arm hair. I met a really, really cute guy at a bar (no place to meet a prospective boyfriend/future husband. If you do, it's a fluke) I touched his arm, as I always end up doing when I am talking to a guy I am interested in, and I felt stubble! Thinking back, I hope I didn't pull my hand back in too much of a repulsed manner, nor have a repulsed look on my face. Sooo, we kept on talking, but I could not focus on what he was saying because I just kept thinking about what else he shaved. I thought shaving my legs was a lot of work; I certainly would not want the added trouble of having to shave chest & arms and what ever else he shaved. I wanted to see him naked just because I was so curious as to what else he decided needed to be baby bottom smooth or stubbly really, depending on the growth rate, which I am going to assume is much faster then a woman's. (I will add I am completely OK with a man shaving his back, waxing would be much better though. So, if you have happen to be a guy, with a hairy back, there's a tip for ya!) Shaving seems like it has to be done pretty frequently and it makes me wonder who the heck shaves his back for him?! I sure as heck am not going to be the one to step in and do it.... blah! Nice talking to ya, dude!

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