Monday, October 12, 2009

Couger? What?!? I am 2 years older then you!!.. but a ton more fabulous!

couger Pictures, Images and PhotosSo, I have been talking to this guy and he is 2 years younger then me and he mentions to me that he likes Cougars. Like I am supposed to be all flattered by that. No really, he seriously thought I would be. His exact words "I thought you would be happy I like older women." My response... "Dude, you are 2 years younger then me! If you were in your 20's that would be another story."

Although, sometimes I get the urge to be an all out Cougar with some young hot stud. At least for a while... until my age really catches up to me and it starts to get awkward. Then I would realize he hasn't really lived his life and would not make a suitable partner. Then I am back to square one. But hey, at least the sex would be good. Over and over again... and in one day even. Gotta love those young bucks.

I had a pic of a really cute winking couger... the actual animal... but Photobucket nerfed it, as usual. Not sure where else to get pics...