Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Things I would stress out about if I were a guy.

Not sure why I even started thinking about this but here are a few reasons why I am glad I am a woman.

-Going bald. Although I do think bald guys are sexy. Well... not all of them. Some of them are pretty creepy looking. But, I know a lot of women will agree with me on this. So, I guess I might not stress about this... unless, as mentioned above, I looked creepy bald.

- My penis being too small or crooked or something like that. It even stresses me out when I date a guy. I seriously obsess about whether he has a nice penis or not. It could possibly be a deal breaker for me. I wish it was socially acceptable to ask a guy on the 1st date if I can see his penis. Because really, if it's small or strange looking in any way we can just forget the 2nd date and save some time. Although, I don't think I would tell him that was why I didn't want to date him any more. I am pretty sure that would not be good for his ego. So, then I would have to think of some other outlandish reason why. Which I would have to think of in advance because I tend to panic under pressure and I can only imagine the ridiculously outlandish reason i would come up with. But, I am sure it would much better then telling them the real reason.

-Having a children running around that I don't know about. I am pretty sure if I were a guy I would be a whore like the rest of them. I am so happy I can grow babies for this very reason. I know when I have a kid.

- As mentioned above I am pretty sure I would be a whore like the rest of the men so I think I would stress about getting laid. Men have to work to get some, woman just have to decide that they want some.

That's all I have right now... now here is a yummy bald guy Brian Urlacher for your viewing pleasure.BTW I have a thing for football and the players.

brian urlacher 1 Pictures, Images and Photos

I think I might be in love! Swoon... too bad he got injured & can't play this season. I am officially volunteering to nurse him back to health. I'm just saying... OK I'll stop now.