Saturday, October 24, 2009

This guy wont keep a girl waiting by the phone.

So, you know how a girl might obsess over looking at her cell phone every 2 seconds to see if a certain guy she has a crush on called or texted? (am I too old to have crushes? Ah screw it, I will have them anyway!) I know I shouldn't do it, but I am SO guilty of it. It is like a disease, like rabies. (Rabies doesn't get mentioned much. I figured I would throw it in there.) Anywho....

Well, I met this guy that calls and texts a lot!

He has called more in the last 3 days then in the 3 months of dating with my last love interest.

And wouldn't you know, he is ridiculously cute! Tall, blond, blue-eyed & broad shouldered. Just the way I like 'em!

So, you would think I would be "over the moon" that he calls all the time. GUESS WHAT? I'm not. You know why? No, it is not because I can never be friggin happy...

It is because it is TOO MUCH. And not only that, he talks about himself constantly. Not in a conceided sort of way, he just tells his stories. I think he just really likes to tell his stories. I couldn't get a word in edge wise and I don't think he cared in the least. Most of his stories are pretty depressing. I know more about him after 3 days of talking then I do about some of my closest friends.

So, here is the thing that really killed it for me. He does NOT fly. Ever! And yes smarty pants I mean in an airplane. My standards are not that high that I am looking for a Super Hero for a boyfriend.

Anyway, he has never been on an airplane and never will go on one. Seriously?!? He then says "There is no place interesting that you can't drive to." What?!? After I mention all the places I have been to and want to go to that require flying such as Hawaii, Europe & Asia, he says "You were in the Army, so you are not scared of anything." So, the question that pops into my mind is What else is he afraid of??