Friday, October 16, 2009

Why would you tell me that?

OK I been having a ridiculously long texting "relationship" with a guy I have never actually met. I do not condone letting it go this long, but he was out of town for a week and a half. You start to get all these unrealistic & romanticised ideas of how they are and then they turn out to be totally different. Anyway, he works A LOT, so we text A LOT. Seriously the man sleep like 3 hours a night and spends the rest of his time at work. Oh God, he sounds dreadful lol. Anyway, I have gotten way off topic here. OK back on track. Our texts have turned toward sexual topics. But NOT in as we have been sending dirty texts to each other. That would be waaaay too weird for me. So, he is a huge Dodgers fan and they were playing tonight. Big NL playoff game. Damn there is a huge back story just to get this little story out. Anyway, the Phillie's scored a 3 run homer and he said "Damn I am going to need a blow job and a lot of alcohol after that hit. I need to make some phone calls." So I said "You going to call Tonya Harding so she can break a few Phillie's knee caps?" He said "I was talking about the blow job" & My response "What? do you have a hooker on speed dial? But, Tonya might be able to help you with that too" He then said and I quote... crap lemmie grab my cell... "I think everyone has friends with benefits." WHAT?? Why on earth would you tell me that??? Someone that you potentially want to date. So, my thought is if we actually started dating when would he be "done" with his "friend with benefits?" Seriously! And it also makes me think he is a cheater. I seriously can not do that again. God I hate men in their 30's. I am completely convinced that all the good ones are already taken. Aww screw that, there are no real good men. OK I am in a man bashing mood. Cheers! Here's to men being total douche bags! .... Can't wait for my date with him on Sunday. I really have to meet this guy.