Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stop it! Stop being so bloody annoyingly chipper! Do people really buy this crap??

I took my daughter to the dentist this morning, which was long over due. (But my procrastination is for a completely different blog.) We were greeted by an annoying "Goood Mooorniiiing!" by the receptionist. I had to resist the overwhelming urge to choke the crap out of her. I think I might have nightmares about her. She was that traumatizingly, annoyingly phony nice. (Oh, I made up a word.) I know you know the type. I just want to wait out in the parking lot until she gets off work and follow her home and observe her in her natural habitat. (God that makes me sound like a stalker.) I would be so giddy if she was a royal b*t#h. And then I would pop up from behind the bush outside her window and exclaim "Aha! I knew you weren't really that nice!" OK yeah, I really wouldn't want to do that. But, I sure would like to know how she really is. Nobody is really that friggin chipper!